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PayrollOrg Releases Second Edition of EWA Report

BY: Adam Prinzo | 03/25/24

PayrollOrg (PAYO) is pleased to announce the release of its highly anticipated second edition of its report on earned wage access (EWA). Understanding Earned Wage Access and Payroll is a comprehensive report that delves into the evolving landscape of EWA. It provides invaluable insights for payroll professionals, employers, employees, policymakers, and industry stakeholders. Download the report here.

As the demand for flexible financial solutions continues to rise, EWA has emerged as a vital component of modern payroll systems. PAYO's report explores the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the EWA industry, offering data-driven analysis and actionable recommendations for businesses navigating this rapidly evolving area.

New in the second edition is an update on laws and regulations including recently passed laws in Nevada and Missouri and offers a look into the proposed regulations in California. Readers can get other tips and resources on EWA for employees who pay child support or have other garnishments, payment of employment tax withholding and remittance, other consumer protection clauses, and payroll administration issues. Readers can also gain insight into why employees are looking for EWA as a benefit from their employers and learn more about EWA as a financial wellness tool.

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Adam Prinzo is the Assistant Manager of Government Relations for PayrollOrg.