Certificate Programs

PayrollOrg is the payroll industry leader in education, publications, and networking, helping its constituents grow their leadership practices and stay on the cutting edge of payroll industry standards. These certificate programs provide in-depth training covering a wide range of topics and are designed to advance the careers of payroll professionals worldwide.

Payroll 101: Foundations of Payroll Certificate Program

This week-long course covers the basic procedures and terminology that comprise the daily workload of the entry-level payroll practitioner. It provides a thorough overview of the laws and regulations that affect payroll and offers hands-on computer-based training that allows participants to work through actual payroll forms and payroll calculations. When taken at the Learning Center in Las Vegas, the Fundamental Payroll Certification exam is offered at the end of the course for an additional fee.

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Payroll 201: Payroll Administration Certificate Program

This week-long course provides intensive training on complex payroll functions and regulations. Participants will learn proven practices for managing a cost-effective payroll department and practical experience that can be immediately applied on the job. When taken at the Learning Center in Las Vegas, the Certified Payroll Professional exam is offered at the end of the course for an additional fee.

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Global Payroll Management Certificate Program

Whether you are just getting started on your global payroll journey, or want to evaluate your current state, this couse will help you take the next step. This certificate program address the challenges a global payroll faces and will aid in developing a plan that supports implementation, ongoing operations, and vendor management.

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Advanced Global Payroll Management Certificate Program

This certificate program will dive deep into the comprehensive approach to the global payroll delivery model, the role culture plays, and the development of global payroll teams and career opportunities.

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Government/Public Sector Certificate Program

Explore all the unique issues confronted by government/public sector payroll professionals. Learn about the special Fair Labor Standard Act exceptions involved in exempt and non-exempt employees, comp time, police/fire exceptions, and much more. Also includes an in-depth discussion of government sector accounting and auditing, as well as controls and auditing techniques specific for compliance with federal, state and state retirement regulations.

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State and Local Payroll Certificate Program

This course provides the information necessary to maintain U.S. compliance in every state in which you pay employees. In addition, this course will provide insights into the procedures and legal hurdles encountered when ensuring local income tax compliance including city, county, and school district tax withholding, reporting, and depositing for the 16 relevant states.

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Strategic Leadership Certificate Program

This program arms you with the knowledge, resources, and skills necessary to face challenges, inspire others, and deliver remarkable results. Upon completion of the course, you’ll have the required skills to lead teams through today’s ever-changing environment.

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Payroll OMG - Optimization, Management, & Growth

This program can help you reduce expenses by looking at all processes and how departments are connected. Payroll OMG will help professionals at every level in every department understand that if the paycheck were a product line, it would rank as one of the largest products at most organizations. Learn how to produce a perfect paycheck, reduce cost, eliminate waste, and create a highly effective workforce.

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