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Foundations of Payroll Analytics

Data drives everything, including payroll. The data that payroll is responsible for drives business results across the entire organization. Today, every payroll staff member is accountable for understanding and interpreting that data. Through payroll analytics you can strategically provide valuable insights that contribute positively to the organization’s bottom line. This course will help you demonstrate dynamic leadership, leverage the value of data, identify trends for process improvements, and measure real success in your payroll operations.

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Intermediate Payroll Analytics

This course builds on the Foundations of Payroll Analytics program, which shared that data drives everything, including payroll. In fact, the data that payroll is responsible for drives business results across the entire organization. The next step is learning how to leverage the data in your payroll department to positively impact your organization's bottom line. This course will help you demonstrate the importance of analytics covering timekeeping and operations. Additionally, analytics can be used during the payroll process to assist your organization in creating an error-free payroll. These analytics can supply the data for your payroll department's key performance indicators so you can track performance.

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Implementing Payroll Best Practices

This course helps develop a best practices plan that can invigorate your current operation. Attendees will examine organizational structures and models, processes, compliance issues, internal controls, methods of service delivery, corporate culture and staffing, and technology. Review actual case studies to better understand the issues you may encounter in selecting and implementing your payroll best practices plan.

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Mergers and Acquisitions Forum

Learn the federal and state information needed to ensure compliance and reduce expenses during a merger or acquisition, as well as determine when to carry forward social security, FUTA, and SUTA wages to the acquiring company.

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Payroll OMG - Optimization, Management, & Growth

This program will help you review your business processes, identify methods to empower your team, help other departments understand their responsibility in eliminating wasteful tasks, as well as help you become a dynamic leader.

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Payroll Systems Selection and Implementation

This course will lead you though the multiple steps organizations use to select the correct system or technology including developing the project plan, installing the technology, analyzing the gaps in procedures and the systems features, mapping the old systems data to the new system’s data elements, testing the new system, developing training materials and documentation, and supporting the system after go-live.

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Strategic Leadership Certificate Program

This course arms you with the knowledge, resources, and skills necessary to face challenges, inspire others, and deliver remarkable results. Upon completion of the course, you’ll have the required skills to lead teams through today’s ever-changing environment.

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Winning Collaborations

Encourage long-term partnerships with your vendors using the knowledge learned from in-depth discussions on building the proper team, relationship management, contract negotiations, vendor scorecard, service level agreements, advisory boards, and much more!

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